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Hello I am Dr George Booty and work as an experienced Psychotraumatologist, helping singles, couples, children, or families, at the centrally located offices of Convergence College in Milton Keynes and The Lifscript Clinic of Harley Street, in London W.1. You may find more details on services locally on the web here:- and/or

George works a lot with couples in relationship counselling, as well as with singles having relationship problems, including co-dependency - love seeker or love avoidant addictions. Also sexual issues, working as a sex therapist, around porn or sex addictions and sexual disfunctions.

George mainly specialises in the field of Trauma (PTSD) therapy, dealing with sexual abuse, violence, personal injury cases and offer help for heroes with combat Trauma. George is the Author of several books, including his latest published work; ‘NO MORE TRAUMA' - The Virtual Brain Reset TM.

Convergence Psychotherapy is Integrative, and humanistic, person centred yet Transpersonal in essence. experiential and encompass a holistic approach including the spiritual where relevant to individual clients wishes. Other main areas of therapy, for those with personality disorders and autistic or aspergers traits, is another specialism called Scheme Therapy, Attachment Issues, CBT, Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, Psychodynamic, Drama Therapy, Group work and Somatic Breath & Sound work. 

Our companion NewStart service has several Qualified Therapists including mature student counsellors, of varying degrees in experience. George is lead psychotherapist and clinical supervisor, also a very experienced Snr Lecturer within the College; teaching students Counselling, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy with experiential skills from Level-1 all the way up to Level-7, working at a Post Graduate level, There is a Fast Track study route too. Based in eco-friendly beautiful Buckinghamshire in Milton Keynes and also in Harley St. London. Prices vary depending on status and experience of our Therapists. 


Yoly Booty

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Gender & sexuality issues
Man / man
Man / woman
Porn Addiction
Sex Therapy
Woman / man
Woman / woman

Also Mental Coaching


Also Couples therapy


Also divorce mediation



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