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About Lifecompass Therapeutic Coaching

Hello I'm Wendy and the founder of Lifecompass Therapeutic Coaching.

I understand how difficult it can be when you are suffering from anxiety and low mood and need to reach out for help, choosing the right Therapist can make it even more daunting. That's why I offer a ''FREE unbiased guide to finding the right therapist on my website at

Choosing the right Counsellor or Coach can be a transformational and life enhancing experience for many as it can support and empower you through some of the most difficult and challenging times in your life.

When I developed my practice I wanted to create a unique way of working that would benefit my clients at all the stages of their life journey. I researched into the best clinical interventions and training, integrating both Counselling and Coaching skills to specialise in Relationships. I have a real passion and drive towards helping my clients build better relationships with those they love and care about.

I also work on the most important Relationship we will ever have which is the one we have with ourselves. Self-esteem, confidence and a sense of fulfilment and direction can get lost in the busy lives we lead and sometimes it is important to give ourselves the gift of time. Time to work out what we want and just as importantly who we want to be.

I do this by creating bespoke individual sessions for each individual or couple I see, this specialised way of working helps repair and resolve differences in an existing relationship covering many areas including betrayal, communication issues or even simply being 'stuck' with what appears no way forward.

I can also help individuals navigate the process of separation, supporting them to recover and rebuild themselves after heartbreak with additional training as a 'Divorce & Separation Coach'.

I combine Counselling and Coaching skills that not only deal with the issues faced but also enable my clients to manage their anxiety and build resilience so they have a tool box of skills to navigate future problems long after our sessions have finished.

So if you feel you would like to understand more about how we can work together, then please don't hesitate to book a FREE discovery call to learn more about how I can help you to begin your healing journey today.

Just call 07970 618 779 or email me at

Until then take care x

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Lifecompass Therapeutic Coaching

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Various including Foundation Degree Counselling & Psychotherapy - Dip. Fusion Coaching. For a list of up to date qualifications visit my website


Does Relationship Counselling or Coaching really work?

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