Corona Virus and Mental Health

Self isolation is alright for the introverts, but what about the rest of us? You might say. And there is a real chance that many people will suffer more mental health issues, while the self isolation procedures are taking place.

According to most psychology training or psychotherapy institutes, the most important requirement of a human is to be in relationship. The greater of these human relationships (in importance to mirroring) tends to be (m)other, the primary care giver; whilst we are developing throughout infancy and childhood. Therefore, for the rank and file, isolation is not good for us, apart from exposure in small doses which might be beneficial and help straighten out our head's, a little, on the way. Meditation is the fashoinable thing these days, but again it is alright in small doses, otherwise it can drive you to distraction literally.

We professionals and carers in other disciplines must be ready to deal with many isolated people becoming stir crazy. Around Christmas there are so many family issues that rise t the surface and is it any wonder when you stick the whole family close together for a few days like porcupines in a box all huddling romantically together for the good times and prickling each other at every twitch and turn. This appears to be attributed to why the Law courts have their highest influx of judicial separations/divorce petitions at the festive time of year when everyone is coming togther in their own family bubble, to be happy again and remember the traditional family dictates that oh, so often, lead to terrible conflict and ensuing tears. The Best of British with that one then.

How about, we just try to allow some space and be kind to each other and ourselves if possible, where we can enjoy easier pastimes or express our thoughts by some reflective writing and then one may simply allow oneself to be relaxed and for us to be attuned personally to oneself for a change? It could be a great experience after all. Also it is great in your reflective moments to try to go for a walk if at all possible and enjoy nature, without the Corona following you, hopefully. The mental health carers and wider community are always there when you need us. We care to pick up the broken fragments of life and often help facilitate individuals to put humpty dumpty back togther again.

On March 20, 2020